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Channel Letters

Back Lit Signs

Back Lit Signs

In the cluttered world where media of different nature and signs are flashing in our faces all the time, so how do you decide what kind of signage to use to stand out and produce favorable results for our business. Should we use Light box or channel letters, front lit or back-lit, perforated vinyl for windows or simple vinyl print etc. What should the design look like, and or how much to spend to make your business visible to prospected customers.  These are some of the questions that a business owner might ask.

The answer to these questions would be different in different situations but we will point out some common points to keep in mind while making these decisions. Before we could answer these questions we need to ask ourselves some important questions and in some cases find look for some information.

What is the landlord’s signage policy for the building?

A lot of times landlords have specific requirements for large format signage and need approval before any sign can be produced. This will determine the size and the type of the sign that will be chosen. After finding out the requirements in most cases the drawings need to be submitted for approval. Another important step would be to check with the city for new large format signage approvals.

What kind of look you are trying to achieve for your business?

We need to determine what kind of look you are trying to achieve, i.e. if you are looking for a conservative look you might want to go with an illuminated box sign or a backlit channel letter sign and for a bold look you might want to install front lit channel letter sign.

What kind of window signage?

If you have storefront windows that you can utilize, you would have a lot of choices to create a beautiful look for you business. You can choose perforated vinyl print to give you maximum light permeation, regular vinyl print to display the products you might carry, vinyl lettering to display the slogans, product range or store specials, Posters displaying product or promotions, banners and many other options.


After coming up with the answers to the above mentioned questions it is imperative to sit down with a graphic designer and create a theme for your signage. The design should not be overbearing and should blend in all signage material. What ever materials or type of signage you decide on using should convey your message clearly and precisely. The information you choose to display should depict your presence, type of business, products you carry and most importantly your message you would like to convey to your customer.


Create a beautiful look without breaking your bank by choosing right materials for use for example illuminated light boxes are generally cheaper then channel letters, standard vinyl printing is cheaper then perforated vinyl, posters are cheaper than vinyl. The signage company would be able to help you in giving you various options to create an effective look that will be pleasing to the customer and conscious about your pocket.

To sum up we need to put some thought into deciding what we are trying to achieve and then work towards it in a methodical way. One thing you need to remember is that even though signage can be replaced or redesigned but it is not something that you plan on doing every month or year and a little effort in the start will save you money and time for years to come.