Channel Letter Signs

Businesses all over are starting to use more and more channel letter signs to display their brand names and logos instead of the traditional Box signs. The advantage is a clean and prominent look that sets them apart from the other businesses around. These signs can be for indoor or outdoor use and you can choose between standard or reverse lit letters depending on your signage needs. The signs consists of three parts the backing, the canister also known as returns and the face bordered by a  trim cap used for attaching to the canister. Mostly the back is cut out of an aluminum sheet, the returns are bent out of 3 inch to 6 inch Aluminum strips and the face is made out of acrylic or poly-carbonate.

Standard Channel Letters

The most common channel letters are the standard letters where, the LED light packs are placed at the back of the letters to emit light through the acrylic facing. The effect is bright and beautiful and is visible from far away.

Reverse lit Channel letters

Reverse lit letters also known as Halo lit have a back fabricated from a transparent acrylic sheet and Aluminum facing, When illuminated the light falls to the back of the sign creating a halo effect hence the name halo lit.


Channel letters can be can be attached directly to the building wall or could be attached to a raceway. When the letters a placed directly on the wall it is called flush mounting and is the most widely used method.  A raceway or wire-way  can also be used to mount the letters where the letters are attached to a metal container. The container holds all the electrical wiring and is attached to the building wall.
Here are some examples…