Signage of our business is more then merely something to find your location, it is part of your marketing and branding. Building a beautiful sign is important but is half the battle in portraying your business adequately to the world. Proper installation is required to make sure the sign looks good and achieves its full potential. Few of the things to keep in mind:

City Permits

In case of graphics replacement normally you do not need any permits (Please check your city of business). For new installations all cities require landlords and new business owners to get sign permits before putting up new signs, failing to do so may cause penalties and removal of the sign. To get approvals normally business owners have to provide drawings of the structure upon which the installation is to be done, the materials used in manufacturing of the sign and drawings of how the sign will be fastened to the structure. All cities charge an application fee for this service ranging from $250 to $400 and your sign company can help you get these permits for a service charge.



The landlord usually has a defined signage criteria for each business in the building filed with the city on a signage variance. The landlord may require a certain type of signage to have conformity in the look, and might require only channel letters or box signs etc. The size of the sign and placement of the sign are generally predefined by the landlord. In the event this information is not specified, the new business owner can propose there own requirement providing visual drawings to the landlord.



Mounting of the signs is normally done by trained professionals who have the technical know how and the specialized equipment required to complete the job properly and most important securely. Bucket trucks and power tools are normally used in installations to reach heights that are significantly difficult to work at normally. The fasteners used to mount vary in nature as different signs require different materials and as an owner of the business you should make sure that the technicians installing the signs are adequately insured to work as well as have insurance to cover any faulty installation.

Keeping these things in mind should help you ensure properly installed, good looking sign that will promote your business for years to come.