Your first impression sometimes is every thing in the business world, and often times your business card acts as your first impression. Sure card design and layout is very important to create a feel for your individuality but the choice of card stock, thickness, finish and other aesthetic factors can give your business card a boost that can really make a difference.

The trick is to use the right type of material to achieve a compelling look and feel. Here are the five most popular and my favorite finishes for creating great looking business cards.

14 Point or 16 Point Thickness.

The card stock used for business cards comes in different thicknesses normally measured in points. Most of the printing companies generally use 14pt or 16pt thickness, Even though 14pt card stock is a little cheaper and very comparable to 16pt card stock but I would recommend 16pts as it is the perfect thickness for a card that will not bend easily and will feel just right.

UV Coated.

UV coating is a thin glossy coating added to the business card to give the card a nice shine. Generally used in cards where the design calls for pictures or colorful logos, the coating can be added to both sides of the card or can be applied to the front only. If you would use the back of the card to hand write any information you should leave the back with out the coating as it would be hard to write upon UV coating.

Matte Finish.

A more conservative but elegant look can be achieved by using matte finish, In designs where only two or three colors are incorporated matte finish provides the beauty in simplicity. This is a dull finish that gives the card a great corporate but expensive look. Adding 1/8th or 1/4th rounded corners will make the card look even better.

Silk Laminated with Spot UV.

One of my favorites is silk laminated with spot UV. A thin film is added to the card stock that makes it feel really smooth to touch but does not make it glossy. After adding this layer another layer of UV coating is added to the logos or some parts of the card to make the logo or the writing stand out from the background. Rounded corners enhance the look and create a unique look that is bound to impress.


Another way to create a good looking card is to have an embossed business card. Generally the logos of the business is embossed in the card to create a rich feel, this design can also be enhanced by using linen card stock or other fancy card stocks.


The look and feel of any business card is dependent on the materials they are produced on, if chosen correctly you can create an impressive business card to give your business an edge and a lasting impression on your clients .