Windows vinyl can be used effectively to display services your business provides, portray a story or provide some privacy to your business from outside world. One of the reason to use vinyl to cover the windows is that it is more cost effective compared to many other way like blinds and coverings. When you have decided on vinyl, there are a few different options one can use and here is a overview of some popular options.

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl.

Perforated vinyl as the name suggests has a lot of holes in it. The advantage of using this type of vinyl is that in the day time people outside can see the graphics and on the other hand people inside have a clear view of what is happening outside the business. Another advantage of using this type of vinyl is that considerable amount of sun light comes inside hence keeping the premises bright. One drawback to this can be that once the lights are turned on at night the inside is visible to people outside.

Usually the perforation ratio is

  • 70% by 30%
  • 60% By 40%.

To show better resolution of graphics 70,30 vinyl is used and if more the requirement is of having a brighter interior 60,40 is used.

Translucent Vinyl.

The other form of vinyl used on the windows is translucent vinyl where graphics are printed on clear vinyl and applied to the windows. This makes each picture or wording on the design stand out on its own as there is no background color layer behind the pictures. It is commonly used in the front windows of shops where the design has large picture covering one part of the window and the rest is used to display the actual merchandise from the business.

Opaque Vinyl.

Also known as block out vinyl is commonly used when you do not want anyone to look through. Mostly used when the windows are located in the direction of the sun throughout the day. The graphics are printed on vinyl with a white opaque background and normally produce a very high quality print. When this material is used least amount of sunlight passes through and provides good privacy if needed. Another reason to use this material is that it is the most economical solution for displaying high resolution pictures and messages for your business.

Opaque Vinyl

Cut Out Letters

When you want to display only messages or wording on your windows, opaque vinyl that comes in various CMYK colors can be used. It is commonly applied to display information like sale prices, store hours, slogans etc. The vinyl is cut in the form of the letters on any machine that uses pen knife for cutting, masked and applied to the windows. A very economical way to get your message displayed.

Frosted Vinyl

Frosted Vinyl.

Most popular in medical clinics or as matter of fact any office, frosted vinyl is the cheapest method for providing privacy. The vinyl comes in grey, light blue and light green color, and can be cut in patterns to provide privacy and style to a desired location. The vinyl unlike the others defined above is pasted from the inside of the window and lasts for a long time. The alternative of achieving this look is frosted glass and can be very expensive.


These are the most common vinyls used for displaying graphics on the windows, and should help you decide in what kind of vinyl you would like to use for your next project. The beauty of the graphic display is dependent on the selection of the right material, and professional print and sign company should be able to guide you in the process to achieve the look you desire.